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Cruise Tourism Threatens Placencia:
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Independent Consultant's Study on Viability of Cruise Ships in Southern Belize (report commissioned by the Belize Tourism Board)

Look what happened in Roatan!  (video)

Placencia BTIA Membership Cruise Ship Tourism Opposition

Placencia Tour Operators Association Statement of Opposition to Cruise Ship Tourism

APAMO Statement Opposing Cruise Ship Tourism Expansion (APAMO - Association of Protected Area Management Organizations)  (Short Version of Apamo Statement)

Placencia Residents Say No to Cruise Tourism

Petition Opposing Cruise Ships by Residents of Placencia Village eligible to vote in Village Council elections  (Note:  Census figures for Placencia have not yet been released, and voter registration is not required for village council elections.  Therefore, the only number to compare the petition results with are the number of people voting in the last Placencia Village Council election in 2010.  367 Placencia residents voted for Village Council Chairman in that election and 335 Placencia residents signed the petition opposing cruise ships in Placencia.)

Roots and Reef, November edition

Royal Caribbean's Concept Plan for Placencia Tourism Village for Cruise Ships

BTB Sponsored Report on the Impact of Cruise Tourism in Belize  (Executive Summary here)

BTB Action Plan

     BTB Action Plan 2010 - version released for final comments on Monday, 18 October 2010 (For Placencia specifically, please reference pages 57-59 that discusses Placencia's Citizenry Prepared to Manage a Sustainable Cruise Port Destination.  This document was received in Placencia on 18 October and comments were due on Tuesday, 19 October. 

     BTB Action Plan - Final Version - this final version was released on Thursday, 21 October 2010 with substantial modifications to the Placencia section after outcry from Placencia residents after seeing the initial version above.

Cruise ship tourism in Belize:  The implications of developing cruise ship tourism in an ecotourism destination

The Belize Coastal Tourism Project:  An Assessment of the Environmental, Socio-Cultural and Economic Impacts of Tourism in Coastal Communities in Belize

Crowding-out Effects of Cruise Tourism on Stay-over Tourism within the Caribbean

Alaska Reduces Taxes and Relaxes Pollution Standards for Bullying Cruise Lines

Presentation on Cruise Ship Issue by Village Council Chairman Charles Leslie, Jr., Placencia Village Council Chairman, to Placencia Village Residents on 5 October 2010

Inter-American Development Bank Sustainable Tourism Program for Belize

Belize Child Prostitutes Called During School

Royal Caribbean Eyes Placencia for a Second Cruise Port (The Amandala)

Stewart Krohn Writes from Coco Plum (The Amandala)

No Cruises in Placencia:  Royal Caribbean Refuses to Discuss Its Environmental Record

Dirty Waters:  Cashing in on Ocean Pollution

Channel 5 E-Poll on Cruise Ship Tourism in Placencia

Placencia Blessings (video)

Vocal Opposition in Placencia to Proposed Royal Caribbean Port (The Amandala)

Placencia:  A Done Deal? (The Reporter)

Cruise Ship Tourism in Placencia?  Cruise Ship Track Record (video)

Cruise Ship Track Record in Belize City (letter to the editor, The Reporter)

Cruise Ships in Falmouth, Jamaica (video)

Cruise Ships in Molokai, Hawaii (video)

Roots and Reef:  February 2010 edition

Roots and Reef:  April 2010 edition

2007 Belize Cruise Ship Tourism Policy